Number Plate Capture


Reg is the complete solution for consistent, reliable number plate capture. The unit combines the latest camera, optics, illumination and filter technology to provide clear images of number plates in both day and night conditions.


Single REG

Dual Number Plate Capture


REG overcomes all issues related to speed, daytime highlights, reflectivity of number plate and accurate focus and day and night, car headlights etc.

REG is a fully integrated system which captures number plates 24 hours a day, whatever the weather conditions.


Image shows large depth of field provided by REG

As UK number Plates are Retro-Reflective all distances specified apply to UK Number Plates.




Access Control

Car Parks

Toll Booths




Private Estates

Industrial Estates


Number Plate Capture up to 35 meters


Easy to install


Combined camera & matched IR lighting


No focus shift between daytime & IR operation


Discreet, compact design integral bracketry & cable management


Hi-resolution Ex-view Camera


24 Hour - no other illumination required


High reliability - low maintenance system


Average life of illuminator up to 10 years


Dedicated technical support & can provide specific advice on your application

REG Duel

REG Wedge